eISBN: 9781682992289

Choose Your Own Adventure: Fantasies for Men

by N.C. East

Collection of 4 books:

Book 1: Fantasies for Men: Caveman Lust
In Pre-Historic times, there was no love, marriage, cuddling, taboos, or expectations. There were only beautiful females who were more than willing to submit their bodies and lives to the will of powerful males, in hopes of mating.

Here, you are that male, and every decision is yours to make. Take your pick of the beautiful women and give in to your own caveman lust!

Book 2: Fantasies for Men: In ‘Da Club & Cuckold
In ‘Da Club
The music is bumpin’, the drinks are flowing and the ladies are horny. In this dance club the females are ready, willing, and able to make your night out worthwhile. It’s time to get out on the dance floor and go on the prowl, because every decision you make, and every page you turn, changes the course of your night!

Women know who and what they want and it’s not always their loyal boyfriends, who in turn must spend their days begging for sex, and their evenings waiting for their turn with their own insatiable woman. Now you are that man. Make the decisions, and if you are a good boy, maybe you will get to join in.

Book 3: Fantasies for Men: Medieval Conquests
You are the ultimate warrior in the kingdom. It’s time to finish your conquest and head home to collect your spoils and praise. But along the way, feel free to take all the women you want. Set your inner warrior free as you make all of the decisions!

Book 4: Fantasies for Men: Zero Gravity
In the future, the universe is connected and beautiful women, both human and alien, are all too excited to shack up with a hardy spaceship commander, or a genius new arrival, at a distant research outpost. Choose who you are and navigate through the sexy future with each decision you make!

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