Release Date: May 23, 2017
eISBN: 9781682992357

Her Will

by Sarah Stein

Way down south in the heart of New Orleans, Jolene Naquin yearns to break the untamable. She visits Serenity Cavern to satisfy her lifestyle, where her taste for submissive men strays toward the young and innocent. Those types of men don’t struggle when strapped to her table, yet beg for her to torment them. But Jolene is bored and thirsts for something more, her boss. The same man who continuously haunts her dreams.

Delray LaFleur runs a sizable construction company and commands numerous workers. One secretary in particular has a habit of grasping his attention without realization, causing him to weaken. He’s the essence of dominance, but his fascination with Jolene is insatiable.

Jolene introduces Delray to her world, one where it’s okay to allow others to command, and it’s a battle of control.

Who’s willing to lose?

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