Release Date: July 28, 2017
eISBN: 9781682992524

Arabian Pearl: Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 1

by Emma Wildes

The friend of a foreign prince, Lord Grayson is gifted with a beautiful bedmate for his stay at the exotic palace. He is uncertain how to handle the situation, but he certainly wants to help her and not offend his royal hosts, because if he seems displeased with her then it would not go well for the lovely Lady Celia.

Raised in a privileged life of a sprawling mansion, servants, and adulation, Celia Davenport can’t believe she’s been abducted, and is being forced into sexual servitude. Luckily, Robert St. Claire is her salvation in the form of a virile lover who takes her virginity, but also steals her heart, as he negotiates her release and takes her home.


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