Release Date: April 19, 2018
eISBN: 9781682992807

Only Good with You

by Zoey Kinsman

The truth is that I had totally given up on romantic love. Spanx, and not diamonds, were a girl’s best friend. So, when I was unexpectedly pulled off to a Comic Con in San Diego by my assistant Trish, I had no idea what that day would hold in store for me.

My name is Anne Sullivan, and I’m a career woman who has carved out a nice little niche for myself in the world of publishing. After a messy divorce that left me both emotionally and physically bruised, I decided to turn off all my romantic engines. Coasting along was a good, safe thing, until one day at this Comic Con—of all places—my life took an unexpected turn when successful and hunky Paul Wickham recognized me. This charming and talented man dared me to do something different. He asked me to believe in love again.

Crazy, eh?

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