eISBN: 9781611607703

Survivor Planet

by Juliet Cardin

Amanda has suffered from delusions for years. When she is abducted by an alien warrior from Planet Calixtus, to play a life and death game on Planet Taleon, she believes she is merely experiencing another episode.

Ayres, her captor, informs her that in order to win the game, he must keep her alive until they reach the safe zone. Five couples will compete in the game while all of Calixtus watches the event unfold. The pair is forced to face unimaginable challenges, but Amanda has some added challenges of her own. How could she be falling for a man like Ayres? A man so cold, calculating, and yet so attractive-A man who may not even exist. Even more frightening is the thought that her grasp on reality is firm, and the nightmare she's experiencing is real.

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