eISBN: 9781593741402

The Madam Takes A Mate

by Sarah Winn

The notorious Dodge City madam, Sally Sweets, tries to conceal her profession from her visiting father by marrying a comatose cowboy. The cowboy unexpectedly wakes up, but has amnesia, so Sally continues the marriage charade. By the time her father leaves, she's developed a strong attraction for the cowboy and thinks she might stay married. But the cowboy doesn't like being in the brothel business and begs Sally to leave Dodge City and move to New Mexico where they can run a legitimate hotel. Sally's "girls" try to break up the marriage to prevent this. The cowboy regains his memory and realizes Sally has lied to him about everything—including their love. He also remembers the great tragedy in his past that drove him to be a wanderer. Can he forgive Sally's deceits and believe her vows of love? Can she give up her ill-gotten riches and settle down with a plain cowboy?

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About the author Sarah Winn

After a career as a research technician in food science, Sarah Winn embraced her true love, writing. She joined Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers in 1993. She stumbled into electronic publishing back in 1998 after entering a contest she saw advertised at the national conference of RWA. Sticking with this market, she’s experienced its amazing growth. She won the EPIC Award...

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