ISBN: 9781681464664
eISBN: 9781593744083

Unveiled Treasures

by Kayla Janz

Famed romance author Rachel Hardy has moved into the abandoned family cabin in the serene, little mountainside town of Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona to take a break from her hectic writing career and to get away from life in general. All that changed the moment she laid eyes on the run down place.
Sheriff Todd Bradley was trying to solve a string of unsolved burglaries.
Finding most of the stolen pieces in Rachel’s garage sends Todd and Rachel together on a passionately dangerous and thrilling adventure to catch the Canyon Cat Burglar and to locate the still missing, extremely valuable necklace, The Irish Star
Can Todd learn to overlook the circumstantial evidence surrounding Rachel? Could she be the regionally infamous Canyon Cat Burglar? Together can they unveil treasures to last a lifetime?

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About the author Kayla Janz

Like many authors I started writing as a child. Writing short, creative stories was an outlet for my imagination. I also loved to read. My mom bought me the `Apprentice Adept` series by Piers Anthony because the first book in the series had a black unicorn on the cover and she thought I would like it. From there, I slowly started reading romance novels. I love them, all...

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