eISBN: 9781593744571


by Chandra Knight

He needed her help. That much Mena knew from his touch, as it wrapped around her in her dreams. His soft, deep voice whispered to her in appeal, invading her senses. But, what could she—a very reluctant Witch—do for him, a powerful stranger who seemed to control the very elements that surrounded her? Keiran Donovan was desperate. He'd first reached—and loved—Mena on the ethereal plane. Now, because of his reckless desire, he had to bring her to him, if only to keep her safe. Otherwise, both risked losing their souls to the darkness that had followed him into her life. Maybe together, they could defeat the evil that grew around them. Genre: Erotic Romance Paranormal Rating: Sensual Romance - Sensual [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]

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About the author Chandra Knight

I love dark and mysterious, buy I don't do dark and mysterious in my own life. In fact, my mother swore I'd be a stand-up comic when I grew up. But in my books, I like to combine all sorts of things. Mix things up, shake them hard, and see what comes out. So, that’s where my erotic romance stories take me—and hopefully you. Some are funny, some will move...

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