eISBN: 9781593746292

The Switch

by Emma Wildes

Lord Adam Trevor is in a hellish situation. Married to the woman of his dreams, he finds that he is unable to actually consummate the union he has looked forward to for so long due to a recent accident. The doctors tell Adam he will heal, but in the meantime, he does not want to admit to his bride-to-be that he is less than a man. If only his twin brother, Alex, a notorious rake with an appetite for beautiful women, will stand in for him, maybe his lovely wife will never have to know ... Jacqueline is the luckiest woman on earth. Married to a man she adores, her life is a fairy tale ... except her husband is much different during the day than the sensual, hot-blooded lover who comes to her at night. Puzzled and off-balance, it isn't until one evening at a social function that she dances with her charming, seductive brother-in-law and suddenly wonders if there has been a switch... Genre: Torrid Romance [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]

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