eISBN: 9781593747015

Will's Rockie Way

by Peggy Hunter

Roxanne Way is still stinging six years after a terrible prank had been pulled on her. So when she suddenly meets up with the culprit, the last thing she wants to do is hear his explanation. She’s none too pleased to discover she’s still very much in love with him.

Will Sheridan is determined to bring Rockie back into his life and is willing to do anything to do it. The only problem is Will promised his best friend he’d never disclose who really was behind the prank six years ago. He has to regain Rockie’s trust without revealing the truth.

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About the author Peggy Hunter

Peggy Hunter has been writing for many years. It wasn’t until recently that she decided to give Torrid a try. Peggy lives in Mid-Western Ontario with her husband, son, two dogs and three cats.

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