eISBN: 9781603132893

First Night: Four Fairy Tales Retold

by Caroline Aubrey

Ever wonder what really went on between Beauty and the Beast during those long winter nights? Why did Cinderella’s stepmother hate her so much? Who was Sleeping Beauty seeing the night before she pricked her finger on a spindle? Just what was the mysterious appeal of the Robber Bridegroom that made so many women marry him? Caroline Aubrey imagines what was left out of those familiar tales when they sanitized for children. Genre: Torrid Romance Fantasy Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit [Contains graphic sexual content and adult language]

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About the author Caroline Aubrey

Caroline Aubrey is the nom-de-plume of a poet, playwright, and mom living in Half Moon Bay, California, amongst the dolphins and seals. This is her fourth Torrid novel.

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